Simple Ways To Understand Asbestos Testing

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Have you ever thought that you might have asbestos product in your house? Are you living under asbestos pressures? You should get your asbestos testing Melbourne ( work! It is important to figure out the presence of asbestos in your house earlier than knowing them late by accident. But have you ever been thinking to take the asbestos testing by your own? You should hold your action! Testing asbestos product on your own can cause yourself in danger. That is why you should get professional assessors to get it done for you.

Asbestos Testing
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The Government have made several regulations to be followed for handling the asbestos products in the right way. Whatever you do, there is only one thing you must remember when you are facing asbestos products; Follow the applicable regulations. Prevent the risks and criminal charges by mishandling the product which can lead you to spend a lot more than hiring a contractor itself. Continue reading the article below to find out more about asbestos testing procedures.

As we know, asbestos can cause serious health hazards. The diseases also include mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancers and much more.

Unfortunately, home owners are still clueless whenever they face the reality that they own asbestos product in their house. The presence of asbestos makes them often feeling confused about what to do. They also are often quite not sure about the asbestos presence in their home. However, the Government recommends people to ask professional assessors for help on handling the asbestos product. That is why it is important to have asbestos testing and sampling before you can uninstall all asbestos products from your building.

Most of the time, handling asbestos can be quite tricky and complicated. You have to prepare a lot of things including the tools and equipment to finish the work properly. It is important to figure out whether the available asbestos product is damaged or not. You also have to ensure your safety when you are near the object. You should educate yourself by learning on how to deal with the asbestos product properly.

Basically, asbestos testing is recommended for all kinds of building. Especially, for homes which were made before the 1990’s. This is because asbestos was widely used as building materials before the 1990’s. It was finally banned on 2003. You can still find there are old buildings with asbestos products spread across Australia.

The only safe way to have an asbestos testing process is by collecting a sample that has been falling off naturally. Then, you take the sample and deliver it to a licenced testing laboratory. You can easily find many DIY kits being sold everywhere. However, you should remember that you must be concerned about your safety. The applicable law is also not a joke to play with. Do not cost your safety and savings at risk. Get the job done right according to the applicable regulation.

Pay Full Attention on the Asbestos Contaminated Area

You can see there are many kinds of asbestos contamination sources everywhere you go. The form can be various apart from the usual asbestos products you can find in your building. Sometimes there are commonly areas are being neglected for the inspection. But, they own a high probability of asbestos contamination.

Prepare for the Gears

Have you worn your protective gears? It is important to use the Australian standard gears which also include rubber gloves and face mask. You must avoid doing the cleaning or vacuuming in the working area before doing the asbestos testing. You have to prevent the chance of generating more fibre dust into the air.

Wet the Area

Keep misting the area regularly by gently spraying the working area with water. You have to make the mist spread across the working room. The moisture air will help to weight the dust and prevent it from being suspended. This way the fibre dust will begin to settle down on the plastic sheeting. Once they are settled, you should use a scissor to take your sample. Cut out a small section of the plastic sheeting and put it in a sealed bag. Voila! Now, you have a sample which is ready to be tested.

Wrap the Sample with a Plastic Bag

Put all taken samples in a plastic bag then you must seal it safely. Put on a label with a thorough detail. Write down all required information including the location and your ID number, the time and date of collecting the sample. Make it in detail.

Deliver the Sample

Finally, deliver all samples to an NATA-certified laboratory. It is better for you to keep the area empty. Close the area from any kind of activity. You have to do this until you receive your final results from the laboratory. Plan an asbestos removal work immediately when you have a positive result of asbestos presence in your place.

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